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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many tunnels? basement area? Tunnel height?

3 basements, height 4.5m tunnel, Tunnel Construction entire land area

2. The building has many floors?

The building has 25 storeys

3. The height from floor to ceiling in a typical apartment is how much?

Waterway Height: 2.8 m

4. The height from the floor to the ceiling portion is how much m shopping center?

4.5m high ceilings shopping centers

5. The number of lifts is how much? How many months for the people? straight?

8 elevators, 6 passenger and 2 cargo

6. garbage collection system like? There is little room for garbage? Garbage gathering place, with walkways for garbage collection or not?

Garbage collection on each floor. a private entrance for the garbage

7. Electrical backup in case of power failure is like?

There are backup generators of large capacity

8. How many emergency staircase?

There are two stairwells

9. How many meters wide corridor?


10. How many apartments a floor? The total area of ​​the floor is how much?

18 apartments / floors to lower floors. 16 apartment / floor to floor

11. Entrance hall, entrance parking site, exit look like?

Entrance hall 3 the layout, entrances to parking convenient design flexibility

12. How many centimeters Walls?

External walls are 20 stools, wall separates the room is 10 centimeters

13. From the lobby, the port is much m?

From the lobby to the gate length 9m

14. Conditions for the delivery?

Crude and basic package

15. The progress of construction?

Being finished inside QIII / 2016 home delivery

16. Pools reserve like?

Large capacity water tank, enough

17. The system of handing power outlet like?

Waiting in front of the apartment.

18. Road projects around 6m

19. rooftop greenery into public areas.

20. internal roads surrounding the project is 6m.